Thursday, January 4, 2018

Periwinkle in the Park – The Heroine

Periwinkle Winfield is full of spunk and determination. She’s also the heroine in my story “Periwinkle in the Park” featured in the historical Bouquet of Brides collection by Barbour Publishing.

A daughter of missionaries to the native Americans, Periwinkle was named for the flower that saved her mother’s life. At the time of her birth, there were complications. A kind medicine woman made a concoction with the periwinkle plant, or šee’eeháséto in the Cheyenne language. This stopped the internal bleeding and Periwinkle was born.

As a naturalist, Periwinkle has strong convictions, one of which is saving the wapiti population, the elk, in what will someday be Rocky Mountain National Park. To do this, she joins other voices lobbying to turn the majestic mountainous region above Estes Park into federally controlled land. Her conviction lies in her past, where a traumatic event had taken place when she was young.

Opposition to the park is strong, particularly from the ranchers and hunters living in the area. Enter an attractive rancher and hunting guide who challenges Peri at every turn. Of course, oil and water is always a great combination in a romance. But Peri triumphs, not only in her life’s work, but in love and forgiveness.

Kathleen E. Kovach is a Christian romance author published traditionally through Barbour Publishing, Inc. as well as indie. Having grown up in Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park was her playground. She lives in northeast Colorado with her husband of over four decades and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. An award-winning author, she presents spiritual truths with a giggle, proving herself as one of God's peculiar people. Please visit her at

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I just finished this story. Love it!