Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First Fish - July 27

My husband and I both love to fish, so we were thrilled to get the chance to take our grandchildren fishing this month for their first time. Sophia, the five-year-old, was able to fish with a hook, but we didn't try that with the other two. Sabella, the almost four-year-old, fished with the plastic crown "lure" that came with her Disney princess pole and was perfectly content with that until Sophia caught her first fish during our second trip of the month. Then, I had to put a bobber and hook on hers, but told her I would throw it out, then let her reel it in when it drifted too close to shore.

Below is a picture of Sabella trying to catch fish with her plastic crown at Lake Estes in Estes Park, CO. I'm sure the fish were confused, but if there'd been a frog prince in that lake, she may have had a taker!

And this is almost two-year-old Adrian. He set down his pole and had a blast throwing rocks in the water, which may be why we didn't catch any fish that day.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Grieving for a Woman I Never Knew

I'm grieving right now. I just heard that Kristy Dykes has passed on. She had been diagnosed mere months ago with brain cancer. We briefly spoke at the American Christian Fiction Writers conference two years ago, when we found out we'd both be in the compilation, Florida Weddings. Her's is the story in the middle, Heart of the Matter. I knew of Kristy, but had never spoken to her until then. When she learned I was living in Colorado, her spunkiness came out and she asked how I was qualified to write a story in Florida. Not mean-spirited, but definitely on fire for her beloved state. Kristy always started her posts, "Greetings from sunny Florida." After I assured her that I had lived there for ten years, she seemed satisfied, and I found myself excited to be associated with her in this project.

Kristy, Lynn Coleman, the first author in the compilation, and I had talked about doing a booksigning when Florida Weddings came out. Even though it would have taken some major money for me to fly out there for a week of book blitzing, I was looking forward to getting to know Kristy better.

Then came her diagnosis.

I never got to talk to her about this exciting project. I never even got to celebrate with her. I never got to sit at a book table with her and soak in the Kristy that I've been reading about on her blog. A dynamic woman passionately in love with her Lord. Her husband, Milton, has been writing posts about this journey. At times, it was too painful for me to check in on it. Other times, I poured over every word, wishing I could see her again, happy, whole, and healthy.

Here is her blog link. http://www.christianlovestories.blogspot.com/. Even if you have no idea who I'm talking about, you will be blessed to read even a portion of the posts Milton wrote.

Good bye, Kristy. We'll talk later.