Friday, April 1, 2011

I SPY Contest! Win a Starbucks Card in OREGON WEDDINGS



Three-in-One Collection

Debuts this month!

Want to get in on the fun? I’d like to give away three Starbucks $5 gift cards each to someone who has seen my book in a store.
Why three? To honor the three books within the cover, of course!
  1. God Gave the Song – Two people learn how to forgive with the help of a melodious alpaca.
  2. Crossroads Bay – She seeks a treasure. He seeks her heart.
  3. Fine, Feathered Friend – An actress afraid of birds enlists the help of a bird trainer afraid of actresses.
Why Starbucks? Um. . .because that company originated in Seattle, Washington, and. . .um. . .that’s right next to Oregon. . .um. . .yeah. . .
Here are the rules:
  • Go shopping. . .or at least step foot into a store.
  • Look for my book on a shelf, table, or celebrity kiosk with neon lights pointing directly at Oregon Weddings. (I can dream. . .)
  • Let me know! Three ways to enter. Jot down the name and general location of the store where you saw the book and then:
    • For 1 entry: Comment here on this article with that information.
    • For 2 entries: Put it in a status on Facebook, but remember to either tag me if you’re my “friend” or let me know you did it by commenting here.
    • For 3 entries: If you have a camera, take a pic of the book. You can get creative and include yourself in the photo (or someone else if you’re shy). Then put it on your Facebook status.  Be sure to tag me in the photo so you can be put in the drawing.
    • This is my sneaky way of getting the word out to your friends as well as mine!
  • Check back here, or on Facebook, May 1st. If you win, I’ll need an address to send it to.
The contest will run the entire month of April and I will draw on May 1, 2011. Multiple entries accepted only if the store location is different.
Oh, and please buy the book! This isn’t part of the contest, but I’d be ever so grateful!
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