Friday, February 4, 2011

My Boys in NY

Jon’s wife, Jenn, surprised him with a trip to NY for his birthday. Here, Jon, with the white hat on, and Joey, on the phone, are waving to Jon’s kids on the live cam in Times Square while they watched their daddy from the computer in my office…in Denver. So cool.


They moved to a different cam because the one above is stop action. That can get very annoying. The one below has a ten second delay. Still annoying, but at least they’re moving.

Jon is talking the kids.


Below, I told him to do something goofy.


This is Jon’s first trip to NY and he was so excited. Joey lives there and will be showing his brother all the typical tourist sites and probably take him places only the locals know about. I’m jealous because the hubs and I haven’t even been to NY yet. But I’d rather visit when the weather is warmer. Jon said it was “crazy cold” there.