Monday, February 26, 2018

Periwinkle in the Park--The Villain

Last month, I featured the heroines of my newest book, A Bouquet of Brides, a compilation of several authors. Please scroll down the page to find those articles, or click on "A Bouquet of Brides" in the LABEL section on the right side of this blog.

In addition, the other aspects of my story are featured on the other authors' blogs as we presented a blogroll for our big debut. Here is where you can find those articles:






Take Away Value

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Margaret Stallworth, the heroine's antagonist. Here is her story:

The Villain
Meet Margaret Stallworth, my heroine’s nemesis in the Barbour collection, Bouquet of Brides. I wouldn’t call her a villain, necessarily. She’s just a self-centered, immature, society woman who believes the world should provide for her comfort.

That’s all.

My heroine, Periwinkle Winfield, is everything that Margaret is not. Margaret has a rich husband and resides in the most prestigious neighborhood in Denver; Peri lives in a small cabin near a river in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Margaret believes in organizing committees to bring her favorite vacation spot up to her standards; Peri wishes she would go home and leave her community in Estes Park, Colorado, alone. Margaret will not rest until she has civilized Peri and marries her off to one of Margaret’s equals; Peri is happiest alone on a hike through the forest with her faithful steed by her side, her mule, Daisy—that is until she meets her hero.

Margaret is the ultimate antagonist as she antagonizes Peri at every turn. But she means no harm. She has a fondness for projects, and Peri meets the criteria.

But Peri is just as strong-willed as Margaret, and in the end, Peri goes her own way, hiking her beloved mountains and loving the rancher by her side. Margaret, no doubt, finds another project to antagonize.

*I took the above photograph at the Estes Park Museum. Imagine my thrill when I turned the corner and there was Margaret and her Stanley Steamer. Truly a God-thing.