Monday, August 3, 2009

Book Covers & Sonograms

One of the best things about becoming an author is the day you open your email and find your publisher has sent the first glimpse of the artwork that will soon become your cover. These “glimpses” are called mockups.

One of the best things about becoming a grandmother is seeing the sonogram for the first time. A sonogram is the ultrasound picture that allows you the first glimpse of your grandbaby.

Last week I saw the sonogram of my fourth grandchild.

I also received the mockup of the cover for my fourth book.

Sonograms show a work in progress.

Mockups also show a work in progress.

When you see the first sonogram you either think, “What a cute little face.” or “What a cute little inkblot.”

When you see your first mockup, you either think, “This is perfect! The artist catches my vision of this story!” or “What were they thinking? Did they even read the five page form I sent of every minute detail?”

The baby in the sonogram finally makes an appearance. You either think: “What an absolutely beautiful red-faced raisin.” or “Kinda looks like your Uncle Fred,” if it’s a boy. “Kinda looks like your Uncle Fred,” if it’s a girl.

Mockups finally arrive on your doorstep attached to real books. You either think: “I’m proud to have my name stamped on the front of this cover.” or “Where’s the Wite-Out?”

Yes. I’ve had both reactions to my covers. The good thing about a book cover over a baby is that if you have an author-oriented publisher like mine, they allow you to suggest changes.

My three grandchildren and Inkblot? Absolutely gorgeous. Every one of them!

Kathleen E. Kovach is an award winning author, leader of the local critique group JOY Writers, and the Rocky Mountain Zone Director for American Christian Fiction Writers. Kathy lives in northeast Colorado with her husband of over three decades. She has two sons, three grandchildren (and an inkblot), and two grandpets - all of whom, at one point or another, have taken advantage of the revolving door on her empty nest. She is the creator of two blogs: and Please visit her website at