Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Ladder of Publication - Next Rung, Cover Art

I recently experienced one more rung in the ladder to publication. My cover art for both Merely Players and Love Letters (where I have a novella entitled "Cookie Schemes") arrived via e-mail a couple of weeks ago. May I just say, "WOW! I'M AN AUTHOR!"

It's one thing to dream of this all of my life, but to see my name above a title is. . .well, it's. . .quite odd actually.

My thought process went like this when I saw my cover.
1. As blood rushes to my ears, I hover over the attachment. Do I really want to see my cover? Will it meet my expectations? How could they ever sketch what's in my head?

2. I click on it, and suck in a breath. My title pops out at me. The title that I beseeched God for. Once I had that title, the theater backdrop for my story came into view and I not only had a title, I had an allegory.

3. Then I looked at my name. I'm sorry, I know I've given my writing over to the Lord. I know that it's all about Him, and all to His glory. . .but it's my name! My name!

4. My name? What have I done? People will read this and see who wrote it. My picture will even be on an inside page. What if it's a horrible book? What if it's full of grammar faux pas and dangling modifiers? What if it stinks?

5. Get a grip. God was your writing partner through this. Yeah, maybe it's not up to par with a multi-pubbed author, but it will touch lives. The ministry is in God's hands, not yours. So relax, and continue to learn with the next book. And the next.

6. Why am I talking to myself when I should be e-mailing this to everyone I know? This is a huge deal!

Somewhere in there I became critical of the artist, because afterall, this is my baby. They didn't have her hair right and I think he had a sweater tied around his waist that looked like a rope belt. Uh-huh. He wouldn't wear that. But, they had asked me if there were any minor changes, and I think the end result is beautiful. He's leaning in, very sure of himself. Her. . .not so much. It looks like a picture taken by someone hiding behind the sand dune. Perfect for my story line. And the emerald green water and white sand are perfect.

I'll put the cover of Love Letters on another entry when we have a finalized picture.

I don't know if I'll ever get over seeing my name on a book. I hope I never do. Yes, my writing career is all about God. But, I think He allows me these little moments. And when I get letters stating how my words touched somebody, that is God's moment. He did that. I only told the best story I knew how.