Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Caves vs Beach – Explanation for the LOST


Wow! That was a great ride! The TV show, LOST, provided every amusement park thrill imaginable, and invented some of its own. Some of us are leaving the park feeling totally satisfied. Others are wanting back in because they don’t feel they’ve gotten their money’s worth. It’s interesting to read comments and how people are reacting to the series finale. It seems there are two different camps.

Just like in the show, people are split in their opinions. If you remember, early in the series, half the people decided to live in the caves, where they’d be protected from the elements and fresh water flowed.

But then there were those who stayed on the beach. It was familiar there. They could keep their eyes on the horizon for ships. They knew they would receive their answers there.

Cave people, by nature, are internal. They seek answers within themselves. Beach people are outward. Their answers come from somewhere on the horizon.

Wow. This is good stuff. I shall continue.

Cave people are those who were totally satisfied by the ending. They see inside the symbolisms, inside the relationships, inside the deeper spiritual meaning. They go deep inside themselves and interpret easily.

Beach people are frustrated because they don’t see the rescue ship. There is no easy answer. If they can’t see it, touch it, smell it, it can’t be real.

I’m sure, as time goes by and we all mull over the images we saw on our screens, the cave people and the beach people will once again be united.

That is, if they care enough to mull. There is a third camp that just wants to get off the island.

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