Friday, January 11, 2013

Two Sources for Free eBooks!

eBook ReaderThis post is for all of those blessed people who own a Kindle or a Nook, especially those who received one for Christmas. I have a Kindle app on my iPhone and absolutely love it. I always have a book at my disposal for those times when Hubs needs to make a quick Home Depot run that takes an hour. I’ve been known to push the basket while reading, keeping Hubs in my peripheral so I don’t run down any weekend warriors.

Following are my two favorites sources for free or discounted eBooks.

  • Inspired Reads – Sign up for their free eNewsletter and receive daily alerts. For Kindle only.
  • David C. Cook – This publisher has a finger on the pulse of modern readers. When you click on the “Download eBook” button, it gives several options of stores to choose from.

There are many more resources out there for free and discounted eBooks. Google them and pick your favorites.

Please excuse the self-promotion, but I’m excited to announce that I have four eBooks available right now.

  • Titanic: Legacy of Betrayal on Kindle and Nook.
  • Postmark: Christmas on Kindle.
  • Fine, Feathered Friend on Kindle.
  • God Gave the Song on Kindle.

For a list of all my books on Amazon, please visit my author page.

Happy eReading, everyone!

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