Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oregon Books on Kindle Now!

All three of my Oregon novels are on Kindle. These are the ones included in Oregon Weddings. Each story is stand alone, but one secondary character moves on to the next story in each book. In the last story, I tied in the first so that it completes a circle.

  • God Gave the Song - hp_869-872_cs3.inddSkye has spent his entire life dealing with pain and abandonment issues from his childhood. But as an adult, he's finally happy. . .until the day he gets a call from a lawyer saying his hippie mother, Hannie, is in a coma. When Skye shows up on Hannie's alpaca ranch as the surprised and hostile heir apparent, Ruthanne struggles to believe that her wonderful employer could be the same woman who caused the bitter pain she sees in Skye's eyes. Will Skye and Ruthanne each allow their unforgiveness to keep them bound and unfulfilled, or will God use a strange situation to heal their past hurts and anger? Order HERE.
  • Crossroads Bay - Caterer Paul Godfrey hadn't9781602607736 imagined meeting the girl of his dreams while draped over the side of a charter boat, nauseous. Captain Meranda Drake hadn't imagined she'd ever fall for a land-lubber. But the two team up to search for a long lost booty of coins that belong to Meranda's family. Their search takes them from the deep waters off the Oregon coast to the lighthouse that represents Meranda's deceased father. What they find is something more important than ancient treasure, more lasting than love, and more solid than the rocky shore.  Order HERE.
  • Fine, Feathered Friend - Glenys Bernard is upsmaller for a role that will launch her acting career. One problem. It requires her to handle a falcon--and she's afraid of birds. She enlists the help of bird handler, Tim Vogel, who has a fear of his own--actresses. Will Glenys overcome her fear before she endangers lives? Will Tim shed his prejudice before his soul mate leaves forever? And will a gossiping parrot named Cyrano be able to bring these two together in his unique way? Order HERE.

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