Thursday, December 6, 2018

Cowboy Up!

– The Hero

Tired of bit parts in western movies, Royce Rutger joins the staff of an Arizona dude ranch to learn how to “cowboy." With the studio backing him, he knows he could be the next singing cowboy sensation. All is going to plan until Miss Zadie Fitzpatrick shows up.

Practicing his cowboy talk and trying not to reveal his New Jersey accent, he thanks her kindly for thinking of him when she suggests he model. But horses need breakin’ and cows need brandin’. He'd never done these things, but he hopes he sounds authentic.

His refusal is barely out there when his nemesis, Dirk Cunningham, offers his services. Knowing the kind of person Dirk is, a cunning snake in the grass, Royce has no choice but to volunteer just to protect the pretty artist.


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