Saturday, June 14, 2008

Interviews, Articles, Reviews - Oh, my! Part II

A couple of friends have joined my blog tour, so I have an updated list below.


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Julie said...

I left you message over at Paula's blog, where she put the article about you and then I started wondering if you would see it, so I came here to leave it for you. I am blessed to see Papa fulfill a longing for you. Here's what I wrote on Paula's blog:

Kathy, I just wanted to say that it is such an encouragement to see how you stayed with your desire until Papa fulfilled it. It gives us a picture that we need to see. Don't give up on the desires of our hearts, but wait on Papa, trusting Him to fulfill them. I think of the scripture in Proverbs which is very familiar.... "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life."
Yep, I've experienced both, hope deferred and a longing fulfilled. I am glad to see a longing fulfilled in your life... I can see the tree of life....

You know I have people say to me sometimes, 'You should write a book, you're gifted" Though I can't really see what they are saying OR process writing a book...I could see myself writing enough that would fill a book. My heart is so full.......The thing is I have no desire to go through the "publish" thing. I do love to write to encourage women.. I don't really know what He wants me to do with it though. I just don't see myself trying to publish a book. .. Maybe I need to be willing write a book for Him...instead of just saying, "that's not my desire". Then if He wants me to, He can birth a desire in me to go through with it. .Otherwise I'll just write my devo's on blogs....

I just know it's not what my heart is seeking in writing. My heart is seeking to communicate the treasures He has unveiled for me.

Just thinking.....
Thanks for reading my thinking!