Monday, February 13, 2006

New Look!

Hey! I’ve updated three of my blogs! What do you think? I went on Google and searched for Free Templates Blogger, and this site had what I was looking for: When you get there and click on “Get Template” it asks if you want to open or save, and I opted for open. It gave me two pictures and a text of the HTML to copy and paste in your blog template area. They explain that they no longer keep the images on their own Photobucket* site, but tell you how you can get your own account, (I already had mine and it is very essential if you have a website or blog). I copied and saved their pictures in My Pictures on my computer, then went to Photobucket and downloaded them so they can have their own URL address. Then I went back to the text, and replaced that URL with theirs, which is very easy to find because they have the word “replace” right in their address. And look what came up! Gorgeous! I used the same template for Giggling Grandma and simply replaced the feather pen with my own picture. I had to resize to 1000 ppi and I lightened it and made it slightly blurry, and voila! I love the effect! Go to to see the result. I downloaded a different template to my stories and devotions blog:, and the only thing I don’t like about it is the type seems pretty tiny, and I couldn’t see in the template where to change it.

So, check these out and see if this template site may work for you. I got very bored with the standard templates in blogger.

A word about Photobucket*, This is a convenient site to place your own pictures to get an URL address. When you put pics on your Website, depending on your program, you may need a Web address for it to pull from. I use Go Daddy, (yes ACFWers, even despite the raunchy ads. I had it before they started this campaign,) and it allows me to pull pics straight off my computer. If you mess with templates, like I did with Blogger, you’ll need a URL to do anything fancy.

Hope you enjoy!


Camy Tang said...

Hi Kathy! The background is nifty, but it's a little hard to see the text. Can you lighten the background, maybe?

Kathy Kovach... said...

Thanks Camy! I did lighten it and it makes a big difference. I also tweaked my Stories and Devotions blog. Hopefully it's easier to read, too.