Thursday, January 11, 2018

Rose Miller - Heroine of "A Song for Rose"

Hi everyone.  I’m Suzanne Norquist, author of A Song for Rose in the Bouquet of Brides collection.  If you haven’t heard of me, it is because I’m a new author.  I’m honored to be in a collection with so many talented multi-published authors.

My heroine’s name is Rose, my daughter’s middle name and my grandmother’s name.  Not sure what I’ll call the heroine of my next story.  I only have one daughter. My grandmother didn’t really like the name Rose because people always sent her cards with roses on them or actual roses.  She would have liked some other kind of card or flower on occasion.

Rose Miller, my heroine, wants to be an opera singer, like my daughter. I don’t know anything about music or singing, but as my daughter studied vocal performance in college, I picked up tidbits to use in this story.  I’m told to write what I know.  I sort of know about this and it was fun to explore in a historical context.

To Rose, being an opera singer is more important than anything else.  Acceptance by the traveling opera company will validate her and give her an identity.  She feels lost as the second to the youngest child in a large family.  But, if she could be famous for her talent…

Rose doesn’t know anything about how to make her dream come true.  Without the internet, she can’t Google careers and find opportunities. Her lack of knowledge doesn’t stop her though. When the new opera house comes to town, she sees her chance and jumps on it.

Rose is a fun and energetic young woman, given to drama and suited to the theater. Her brothers and sisters would say she is too energetic and over-dramatic.  They try to keep her out of trouble, but her definition of trouble is different than theirs.

Find Rose’s story in A Song for Rose in a Bouquet of Brides Collection.

Suzanne Norquist explores past and present through story.

Everything fascinates her, so she never settled on a career. She has worked as a sales clerk, chemist, professor, financial analyst, and even earned a doctorate in economics. As an author, she experiences different worlds without starting a new career every time. Research feeds her curiosity and she shares the adventure with her readers.

She lives in Colorado with her mining engineer husband and has two grown children. When not writing, she explores the mountains, hikes, and attends kickboxing class.
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Kathy's tribute to Suzanne Norquist
The only experience with Suzanne that I've had through the years was when she sat on the board of the ACFW South Denver chapter. I found her quiet and sweet. We are now in a face-to-face online critique group together. One day, she wasn't able to linger as we were wrapping up because she had to go to kickboxing. Kickboxing. I tried to imagine this quiet unassuming person beating up a bag, or another person, with her feet! It changed my view of her, but she's still sweet in our group. But when she has a strong opinion about my work, my glad there's a laptop screen between us! So happy to get to know you better, Suzanne. I hope we can be in another collection together soon.


Suzanne Norquist said...

I loved sharing about Rose on your blog. Thanks for inviting me.
Enjoyed the tribute too.

Kathy Kovach... said...

You're welcome! I'm enjoying getting to know you better through crit group.