Tuesday, January 9, 2018

HOLLY HARRISON: Sensible, Practical, & Cautious

“Holly & Ivy,” my #HistoricalRomance novella in A #BouquetOfBrides, takes place in 1890, in Washington State. It’s about a young woman who accompanies her impetuous younger sister on her trip across the country to be a Christmas mail-order bride and is helped by a gallant stranger.

Holly Harrison and her sister have no family to support them and are struggling out a living as servants. Holly dreams of one day finding a loving husband and having a family of her own, but she has yet to find a man who would be willing to take on not only the responsibility of a wife but Holly’s younger, impetuous sister as well.

She can’t believe her foolhardy little sister has agreed to be a Christmas mail-order bride. Her sister has a romantic notion that being a rancher’s wife will be easier than her present life and is determined to leave the drudgery behind. When Holly can’t talk her sister out of traveling across the country on a fool’s quest, she feels she has no other option than to take a leave of absence from her position as a cook and travel with her sister—to not only keep her sister safe but to talk her out of this ridiculous venture.

On the train heading west, Holly isn’t sure what to think of Nick Andrews, a scruffy ranch hand, but is grateful when the stranger takes her side about the potential danger in being a mail-order bride. Under his stubbly whiskers, she sees he could be handsome. He had certainly proven himself gallant in keeping unsavory male passengers from bothering them.

And so begins the romance. J

Find Holly’s story in “Holly & Ivy” in A BOUQUET OF BRIDES Collection. #BouquetOfBrides

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MARY DAVIS is an award-winning novelist of over two dozen titles in both historical and contemporary themes. She has four more titles releasing in 2018; Courting Her Amish Heart in March 2018, The Widow’s Plight in July 2018, Courting Her Secret Heart (Working Title) September 2018, & “Zola’s Cross-Country Adventure” in MISSAdventure Brides Collection in December 2018. She is a member of ACFW and active in critique groups.
Mary lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband of over thirty-three years and two cats. She has three adult children and one incredibly adorable grandchild. Find her online at:

Kathy's tribute to Mary Davis
Today I feature the heroine in the first story of A Bouquet of Brides collection, "Holly & Ivy" by Mary Davis. A sidenote about Mary, we met at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference back in the early 2000's. She was already published and I was pitching my work for the first time. We hit it off immediatly and became lifelong friends. My nickname for her is MiniMe because we are a lot alike, however she stands about mid-shoulder to me. We've roomed at many a conference together, worked together on the Colorado board of American Christian Fiction Writers, and
thanks to Mary's remarkable imagination, have been in three Barbour romance collections together with one on the way. Yes, the premise for this book, heroines with names of flowers, came out of her marvelous brain. I love you, MiniMe!

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Paula Moldenhauer said...

Enjoyed this post AND Mary's story in the collection. It's wonderful to be included with such gifted authors.