Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Interviews, Articles, Reviews - Oh, my!

Florida Weddings is in stores now! Look for it in the C's for Coleman as Lynn A. Coleman is the first author in the collection. Kristy Dykes is the second, and bringing up the rear is Kathleen E. Kovach! My story is Merely Players, the Heartsong Presents novel that came out in 2006.
Here's a brief synopsis of Florida Weddings:
  • When thieves ransack Renee Austin's design firm, all the evidence points to her as the culprit. Her boss, Aaron Chapin, wants to trust her, but secrets from her past are endangering more than one life. Will the Cords of Love give Renee the strength to prove her innocence?
  • Child psychologist Jeris Waldron is a children's director at a church, hoping to win some hearts for the Lord. Brady Moore has prayed for a new mommy and believes Jeris is the answer, but his dad, Luke, has his doubts. Will this threesome allow God to show them the Heart of the Matter?
  • Having escaped from Hollywood, Bethany Hamilton finally feels safe in Florida--until she comes face-to-face with Brick Connor, the man who abandoned her for the big screen. When Brick meets up with Bethany again, he realizes he still loves her. Does God have a plan, or are these wounded hearts Merely Players in a cruel game of love?

I've asked some friends to promote Florida Weddings for me on their blogs. Here's a schedule over the next couple of months. Some are interviews, some are articles, and some are reviews. I do hope you'll mark your calendars and visit me over there. Please leave comments, too!


  • TODAY! Wed, June 11 - Paula Moldenhauer has reprinted my article from Seekerville. "Take Your Passion and Make It Happen" is about my writing walk and how I got that first contract for Merely Players.
  • Wed, June 18 - Rachel Hauck has asked me to talk about my book. I'll go into some of my research. Do you know the difference between a bottle-nosed dolphin and a Pantropical spotted dolphin? I had never heard of the latter before I wrote this book!
  • Sat, June 22 - Angie Breidenbach has asked me to pull out something nifty (my word) from my book. So I will talk about what role symbolism played in the writing of this story. (Preview: Is it just a storm?)
  • Wed, July 2 - Margie Vawter will offer a brief review and an interview on my writing process.
  • Wed, July 9 - Tiff Stockton will also interview me.

Stay tuned, I may have others who would like to finish out July.


I want to add this brief note. Kristy Dykes, the middle author in our collection was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer a few months ago. Her friends and family are asking for a miracle for Kristy this side heaven. Please join us, and read her blog that her husband, Milton, is keeping up for her and updating on her condition daily. It's an inspirational testimony that touches everyone who stops by.