Sunday, January 2, 2011

Helloooo Joey!


My youngest son, Joey, lives in New York. He called tonight and said he was walking in Times Square and suggested we go to a live cam to find him. We did and the following is the result. We had a blast! He gave us a tour while we sat in our comfy house in Colorado.

His dad, Jim, maximized the window and then hit “print screen” and pasted into Word.


7th and Broadway: Joey is one of the five people clustered in the lower left-hand corner. The other four are policemen who are waving at us at Joey’s request. We think he confused them, but they were nice enough to comply.


46th and 7th Ave: We searched around and found this cam, then led Joey to it by telling him what the landmarks were. This is him, waving at us!



He’s talking to us via his ear piece. Notice that no one seems concerned that he’s talking to himself.




About done. He’s getting cold and needs to get on the subway.






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